Family, Emergency and Health Services, along with Youth Development. These are the Impact Areas that United Way of Richland County focus on.

United Way of Richland County has had a long standing belief in the following Impact areas. Through our Impact Model, we work to make sure people get the support services they need right now while simultaneously addressing the root causes of key issues – that’s how we create true community impact.

FAMILY SERVICES - To improve the ability of families to adequately provide for their own needs

EMERGENCY SERVICES - To increase coordination of and access to the public assistance delivery system ensuring that those who need public assistance and are eligible for it, receive it.

HEALTH SERVICES - To increase access to health care and mental health services for all Richland County residents and reduce substance abuse.

YOUTH DEVELOPMENT - To reduce delinquency, increase youth social development opportunities, eliminate the racial disparity gap and decrease child abuse and neglect.